From The Gathering To The Bridging by S.L. Dearing


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I was super excited that S.L. Dearing put these novellas into a set, I missed a few as they were released and this caught me right up. Her writing consistently blows me away. With The Gathering we were introduced to a mass amount of characters in a short amount of time. It was slightly overwhelming, but very realistic. You don't meet people little by little when you live like they do in this novel. Everyone is everywhere. It was a wonderful adventure and these shorts hooked me all over again. We get little glimpses into all those characters we were only but introduced to. Our first story is A Wish. In this one we were hot onto the holidays. This takes place a year after The Gathering was held. This was a story of wishes and beauty. We get to see those character we love so much find a little bit of happy and magic. A story to warm your hearts during the holidays. The next short is A Touch. SO GOOD! This is a story of love and the fact that sometimes, all we need is a touch. Tanner, yum. I really enjoyed him. Throw in some love twists and I am hooked. This novella is full of revelations, both personal and as a family. You aren't disappointed with the twists and certainly not the ending. Then we have A Kiss. These titles killed me. RIGHT! Such good branding. Okay, back to the novella. This novella gives us a lot more Natalie. This made my VERY happy. I love getting drawn back in with the magic and fantasy in this story. It's absolutely wonderful. This novel also gives us a lot form a bunch of other characters we have been learning about. A little more Molly, More Tanner, more everyone. SO good. We have the special novella only included in this set, A Birthday! It is Magen's Birthday! This was a heart warming short full of love and celebration. Sometimes we just need a little happy. Lastly we have A Storm. See, this title did not fill me with warm fuzzies. It was however, an epic novella. This is the story tis a huge bang and leaves you wanting more! Shannon has a talent in her writing that you are always left gripping the last page of the read. This omnibus does exactly that. It starts by warming your heart and leaves you grasping at the words waiting for The Bridging. Things are about to get crazy.


After the battle at the Black Castle, the survivors have returned and peace has once again settled on the village of Lia Fail. Follow the changes that have transpired in Alia Stark, as well as her family and friends, in this omnibus of tales. From The Gathering to The Bridging is a collection of short stories from the Lia Fail Chronicles covering the gap of almost two years from the end of The Gathering and taking the reader into the next novel, The Bridging. A Wish, A Touch, A Kiss, A Birthday (Bonus Story) and A Storm contain vital information in the continuation of The Lia Fail Chronicles. Meet the newest members of the Fail, explore new love, adventures and magic, as we travel From The Gathering to The Bridging. *A Birthday is only available in the box set A Wish (Lia Fail Short Story 1.1) ~ It has been just over a year since the Gathering was last hosted at Lia Fail and peace has once again returned to the little village, but the scars of the past are affecting everyone in the Stark family. It’s the Christmas/Yule season and Alia Stark is desperate to bring joy back into her house. So as she watches the stars flickering in the velvet night sky, she sees several shoot across the void and it’s then she makes… A Wish. A Touch (Lia Fail Short Story 1.2) ~ It is February in Lia Fail. The chilly winter air is making ready for spring, and more changes are in store for the Stark family, when a wagon train from Old Idaho arrives. As a relationship dissolves, one is born, and another is rediscovered. The magic of the new world is making itself more prevalent in the form of the tiny pixies, while the untapped powers of those who have invoked the goddess are beginning to surface. Darkness once again walks the edge of the tiny village and it all begins with… A Touch. A Kiss (Lia Fail Short Story 1.3) ~ Winter has given way to Spring in the hamlet of Lia Fail, and with the season comes rebirth and new love. We continue to learn more about the Fahey and Mercer families as well as how the magic of the New World is growing. In addition, Molly Creegan has always been a dedicated soldier, but now new feelings are awakening inside her. Her courage on the field of battle has never been in question, but is she brave enough to offer up her heart with… A Kiss. A Birthday (Lia Fail Short Story 1.4 - Bonus) ~ The Stark family comes together to celebrate someone who has become very important and special to each one of them for different reasons. The joyous occasion brings hope and closure for many members of the family in… The Birthday. A Storm (Lia Fail Short Story 1.5) ~ Summer in Lai Fail is normally hot and dry, but there is something amiss. When the grey clouds of a typical June gloom day grow darker and darker and the winds pick up speed, Alia and her people must figure out where the tempest is coming from and what it means. With the help of the unicorns, as well as the people of Lia Fail, will their strength and love be enough to protect them all from the power of… The Storm.