Fumbled by Alexa Martin

I enjoyed the first book from this author and I am glad I got the chance to read this one. I really loved Poppy as a character. She was strong and funny and just fierce. She was a wicked mom and just awesome all around. Then we had TK. I loved his love for what he does and I loved that he loves Poppy and Ace. It was a bit of a bumpy ride but I loved it. Single parent reads can be hit or miss with me. You really have to nail them for me to enjoy them because ti takes such strength to be a parent. I love that this shows in this novels. I am not a ports fan at all but I LOVE sports romances. I know. Weird. But I do. This was a swoon y romance with a few smaller plot twists along the way. I loved how knowledgeable the author was on this topic and I can't wait to see where she takes the series next. Add To Goodreads


A second chance doesn't guarantee a touchdown in this new contemporary romance from the author of Intercepted. Single-mother Poppy Patterson moved across the country when she was sixteen and pregnant to find a new normal. After years of hard work, she's built a life she loves. It may include a job at a nightclub, weekend soccer games, and more stretch marks than she anticipated, but it's all hers, and nobody can take that away. Well, except for one person. TK Moore, the starting wide receiver for the Denver Mustangs, dreamt his entire life about being in the NFL. His world is football, parties, and women. Maybe at one point he thought his future would play out with his high school sweetheart by his side, but Poppy is long gone and he's moved on. When Poppy and TK cross paths in the most unlikely of places, emotions they've suppressed for years come rushing back. But with all the secrets they never told each other lying between them, they'll need more than a dating playbook to help them navigate their relationship.