Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead


5 Star


My Review:

Like all works from Richelle Mead this did not leave us lacking in any aspect. Well in my opinion at least. I know I read some reviews that people were unhappy about "this" or "that" but I know that of all the tens of books I have read by Richelle there has not been ONE that I thought deserved less that a 4 star review. This book didn't either hence by 5 star rating. Please give it a chance.

It is a definite change of pace from other works I have read by this author, but it was a wonderful new world to dive into. I will concur that it took me the first few pages to grasp an understanding of this new society/world, but after that I was hooked. The worlds that Richelle Mead creates pull you in and you get lost in them. She can create a new world like only some authors can. This world gave us Just enough facts to get you hooked and intersted. I cannot wait to see where we travel next or what part of the world we get to explore. As with VA I think it will be little by little and leave us always on toes waiting for the next book.

The moment I met Justin I was DEFINITELY done for. One thing you can always count on with her books is that guy you just fall in love with from the start. He is not the typical drop dead perfect guy, he is real, with real flaws and a fantastic personality. That brings me to my next point about this book.

All the characters were real. They had problems we could relate to and their personalities were those that we could recognize and relate to. You meet the characters through the book and are slowly give their back stories. In doing this you gradually peel away the layers of the people and get to know them on a level that helps you better understand their actions in the story.

The STORY! This kept me gripped through the whole book. I had an inkling where it was going to go, but I never saw some of the twists coming. Its a mystery,murder,detective,love,self discovery story all rolled into one. Another great part of the story: You aren't only following one ploit. You have your main plot, and other small ones that broaden the scope of what you are learning about the world and its inhabitants.

As another reviewer put it so wonderfully, this book may be about religion to an extent. It does in fact portray religion as a sort of villain, but the distinction is made between Religion being the villain, and the practitioners of the religions and their methods being what are wrong. The true Villain is misinterpretation and misuse of religion as a tool to do evil. I think this is important to distinguish as some other review did not. It is honestly a FANTASTIC book and very much worth your time.


In a futuristic world nearly destroyed by religious extremists, Justin March lives in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims. But Justin is given a second chance when Mae Koskinen comes to bring him back to the Republic of United North America (RUNA). Raised in an aristocratic caste, Mae is now a member of the military’s most elite and terrifying tier, a soldier with enhanced reflexes and skills.

When Justin and Mae are assigned to work together to solve a string of ritualistic murders, they soon realize that their discoveries have exposed them to terrible danger. As their investigation races forward, unknown enemies and powers greater than they can imagine are gathering in the shadows, ready to reclaim the world in which humans are merely game pieces on their board. Gameboard of the Gods, the first installment of Richelle Mead’s Age of Xseries, will have all the elements that have made her YA Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series such megasuccesses: sexy, irresistible characters; romantic and mythological intrigue; and relentless action and suspense