Gimme S'More by Erin Nicholas

I love these quick sweet reads that Erin delivers and book 6 in this series was exactly that. The perfect curl up book for a stormy day.

I laughed and I swooned and this adorably hilarious book as exactly what I needed.

I had like a permanent smile while reading this. It was that kind of book. I need this series to be a TV show. I really do. It was cute and goofy and just ROMANTIC. 

I loved it.

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A friends-to-lovers romance that will make you melt.

Oliver’s a dreamer who is always ready for the next big adventure.
Piper’s the steady one who keeps his feet on the ground.

He’s wildly successful, thanks to her always being there to catch him when he leaps before he looks. But she wants more. While he’s as clueless as ever.

So she just gave her two weeks notice.

Ollie doesn’t know how he’ll survive without Piper. So for the next two weeks, he’ll be sticking to her like the marshmallows on the s’mores she loves so much.

But does he want her as his assistant... or is there a sweeter spot in his life for the woman who's always had his back--and possibly even his heart?