Global Distraction by Juli Valenti


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Favorite Quote: "I love you, the stupid fairy tale kind of love."

I absolutely was floored by how Juli wrapped my around her little finger in this book. I was at her beck and call. Whatever was in these characters future, I wanted to be right there with them. This novel jumps right back in for us. Ryen and Dane are it for each other and they are going to make this work. Distance is nothing for a couple that is dealing with a father that is in the Mob. Nothing big. When Dane whisks Ryen away on a world adventure, she doesn't have any idea what is in store for her. Dane's plan to hide them away across an ocean isn't just for the views. They are running and they need to do it quickly. When in a situation like this, it is inevitable for there to be hardships. Ryan and Dane definitely have theirs in this novel. Their relationship is put to the test in this novel and it isn't all pretty. I do have to say though, these scenes were some of my favorites. These characters bare it all. This novel was a whirlwind adventure. I had bits and piees of the story put together in my head, but at every new development I was having to reevaluate. It was a romance they had me giggling on one paragraph, and hot in the next. Juli has this ability to craft a chapter that can span these emotions seamlessly. It is one of my favorite parts of her writing. You never know what you will be feeling. You may start a chapter mad at a scenario and 3 pages later find yourself hopelessly in love with it. It is a delicate balance that she excels at. GDTeaser Juli knocked me off my feet with these characters as well. Each secondary character that we come upon becomes important to you. They aren't just characters that make an appearance they solidify themselves in this world for you. You find yourself wanting to know more about each of them and their story. What more can I say, but that you need to read this. Go buy both novels in this fantastic series now.


My name is Ryen Macek. I’m twenty-eight years old, and up until a few months ago, I lived a fairly normal life. That is, until I took a trip to New York, needing a distraction, and finding one. Lucky for me, my distraction followed me home, and, not only that, but we’d been dating, happily. So when he springs a global vacation for the two of us on me, to some pretty romantic and exciting destinations, I agreed… somewhat reluctantly at first. Once overseas, things were like a dream – sweet and beautiful, almost unreal. I got swept up in everything, in Dane. Little did I know that our little world tour would turn into an epic game of hide and seek. Can Dane and my relationship survive the thing we were running from? Is love really worth the risk to either of our lives? With tensions running high, follow us as we discover the depth of our feelings, the rising tensions, and the ever-on-our-mind leader of the mob.