Good On Paper by Jennifer Millikin

Ek! This is the first novel I have read from this author and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

I love romances with twists and trope like this. Natalie and Aidan were amazing. I loved the fact that their relationship grew in this read. This was one of those books that you kind of can see where it is going but it is one of those novels that you still enjoy your read. I got this as a surprise and I was happy to dive in and read it. I love friends to lovers and sometimes I want a book that I am not 100% guessing on.

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Natalie Shay never imagined a day like this would come. She did what she was supposed to do: graduate college and marry her handsome, popular college sweetheart. With the ink still drying on their divorce papers, Natalie tries to move on from an ending she thought would be happy. When she feels a spark with her stubborn, charming best friend Aidan Costa, Natalie's life becomes even more unrecognizable. Aidan has been her best friend for years, stood beside her when she got married, and has a notorious aversion to relationships. As confusion and denial overwhelm them, their spark grows. Held back by a secret he has been keeping his whole life, Aidan decides to ignore his feelings for Natalie. Natalie's discovery of his secret pushes them past the boundaries they've carefully constructed around their friendship. For Natalie, this could be a second chance at her happily ever after. But when a person from Aidan's past reappears, everything he has built with Natalie is threatened.