Good Time by Jana Aston

I saying it. This book is TOTALLY on my list for 2018. I can't eve BEGIN to tell you how great this Rom Com is!

Jana has become a one click author for me. I grab every novel that she writes and I can't seem to ever put them down. This is one of those novels that just makes you laugh page after page. I think if my life was a book, it would totally be a romcom written by Jana. But back to Payton and Vince! These two were hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing with and at Payton. She was such hoot. Then we had Vince, and as soon as they were together it was a perfect match. Chemistry that jumps off the page and dialogue that literally has you laughing so hard you can't breathe. Can I have the next novel now?

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There’s one thing you should know. I wasn’t that drunk. I was more than sober enough to put a stop to it. The truth is, it was my idea. I’m the one who suggested it. I knew it was crazy, but it’s not as if I’d be the first girl to get married on a whim in Las Vegas. I wouldn’t even be the last girl to get married on a whim in Las Vegas. So what’s my excuse? I liked him. I liked the idea that he’d be stuck with me, just for a little bit. Because nothing good ever lasts, so you might as well have a good time while you can. GOOD TIME is a standalone romantic comedy set in the same world as Good Girl. This is Payton & Vince's story.