Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros

The woman did it again and brought all the feels. I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful mailing and loved every page of it.
Hands down this might be Rebecca's best book yet. I loved every dingle word of it. It was emotional and heart wrenching and beautiful all on the same page. You get so engrossed in the book that you legitimately become part of the story as you read. You are so engrossed it is like watching a movie. This story has something for everyone in it. You legitimately relate to the book so fiercely in some way the you can't help but be in love with it. This is a book about having hope and growing from change. Camden is. Camden. I loved every single character but he was the one who stole the show. Understandably. I fell for him hard and I shipped this story fiercely. I love a book with complex character and diverse plot and this one delivered in spades.
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How do you define yourself when others have already decided who you are? Six years ago, when Camden Daniels came back from war without his younger brother, no one in the small town of Alba, Colorado, would forgive him—especially his father. He left, swearing never to return. But a desperate message from his father brings it all back. The betrayal. The pain. And the need to go home again. But home is where the one person he still loves is waiting. Willow. The one woman he can never have. Because there are secrets buried in Alba that are best left in the dark. If only he could tell his heart to stay locked away when she whispers she’s always loved him, and always will… Great and Precious Things is a heart-wrenching story about family, betrayal, and ultimately how far we're willing to go on behalf of those who need us most.