Half Truths by Rachael Brownell

Do y'all see that cover? I dove right into this book as soon as I got it and boy am I happy I did. This was an emotional read and I really loved it. The author takes some hard subject and I thought she did a great job of it.
These characters both have a journey to take in this novel starting with facing truths. Both of the characters are hiding for different reasons and at the end by facing reality and putting in the work they have a chance at a future. I loved that both Harley and Alex might not meet under the best of circumstances but fate doesn't let that stop it. This story does feature some addiction related content and rehab, but the author does a stellar job of it and I commend her for how she wove the story with these themes included. He characters were flawed and in the end it made for an even better story. Though Harley and Alex are not the ones in Rehab, that situation is still influences by it. Dive in, you will fall just as deep and fast as these two did.
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All-American boy meets broken girl... at rehab? It will never work. How could it? Alex is Chicago royalty. Harley considers herself Las Vegas trash. While he's been handed everything his entire life, she scrapes to make ends meet. Still, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Both long to break free from the stereotypes of their upbringing and embrace each moment together. Yet, neither are ready to share all of who they are. Their secrets. Their fears. Their bitter realities. Does their budding relationship stand a chance under a blanket of secrecy? Or will owning their truth set them free?