Hard Rock Author Event

HRAE So this weekend was a whirlwind of epic-ness. Let me start from the very beginning. Last year I won the honor of being Cora Carmack's assistant at a signing for this year. Tulsa happened to be the one that worked best for both of us. Having the chance to meet Cora in person was alone the most EPIC part of this trip. She is someone I have come to call a friend over the past year of working together. From the moment our feet hit the ground at the airport the adventure had begun. We met up with Jay Crownover and her Awesome assistant Melissa at the airport and made our way to the hotel where we met up with Ethan (One Guys Guide to Goodreads) to subsequently gamble. Now, I had NEVER gambled before and was very unsure of this plan. LUCKILY I had the best teacher ever and the first epic night was well underway. gambling is rush all its own and even though I lost my measly $40, it was well worth the conversations and interactions we had with not only the staff, but with the other players. The Dealers, Security, and bystanders thought us quite the attraction. Just picture it, Jay, Cora, and three assistants all at ONE blackjack table. It couldn't be anything other than epic. We ended the night hanging out at the Toby Keith bar with all of the other Authors and Assistants eating some food and just generally enjoying life. I got to see some of my favorite authors and had the chance to really connect with some other authors I didn't really know. I was WAY fangirling, but when you are in a room with people like I was, it is inevitable. These women are celebrities to me and I wont ever forget the things that the night gave me. 19087_10152702305312471_724811088801988346_n

This was one of the BEST dinners ever. #JustSayin

The next morning was the signing. As this was my first signing I was in celebrity shock yet again. We got Cora setup and the event exploded. It was amazing to see how far people had traveled to see their favorite authors. The environment was electric. I got to make a round through the event and chat a little with everyone. It was the most fun I have had in a while. The amount of Love that Cora shows for her readers is just stifling. She is one of the kindest hearts I have ever met. Ethan and I got the chance to walk around and take some photos while we spent the remainder of the afternoon people watching. 20430_10206820002766670_5034634070935024543_n

R.S. Grey is one of the SWEETEST people I have ever met.


I got the chance to see Vicki who was one of the authors in the All Our Love Anthology.


I got to see the ever lovely Brooke Cumberland again <3


One of my FAVORITE authors, T.K Leigh was here and I got to FINALLY meet her in person. She is a force to be reckoned with and it was an honor to meet her in person. I can't wait to see where she takes us next in her novels, they are a world all their own.


Jay and Melissa were sitting with Tijan and I got to chat with them a little bit. Tina is another one of those authors I WAY fangirled over and she is SUCH a doll. Keep an eye out for a giveaway coming your way courtesy of this signing and her! :)


I got to meet Tabatha and check out her fantastic table as well!!


Olivia Cunning was at the signing and after having a line ALL day, I got to meet her and get a hug. That was kinda epic all on its own since she is one of the first authors I read when I started blogging.


I got to put a face to the name and meet Leighton finally after online talking for over a year :)


I mean if you AREN'T fangirling when you meet Jay, you are crazy. This lady is a force and I am SO thankful that I got to spend the weekend hanging out with her, Cora and Melissa.

It is quite the event to get to meeting people in person that you have known online for years. Some of the authors I met this weekend I have talked to for almost 2 1/2 years with this blog. Putting real faces to the names was wonderful. I secretly fangirled each and every time an author knew who I was when I said my blog name. It made me realize that what I do DOES have some impact on the book world. We rounded out our night with some delicious Texas Roadhouse as well as saying goodbye to Ethan.11138633_10152702307732471_5390127863089691684_n 11205161_10206819990526364_6332776901603268540_n Back at the hotel we jumped back into some gambling. Our dealers were equally awesome and we had a lot of fun with the two gentleman that were there gambling with us. I mean, I got to gamble with Jay and Cora, you really can't get much better then that. Melissa and I bowed out and got some food and had one of the most memorable conversations of the weekend and my night ended with a smile. Sunday was spent writing this and waiting on our flights. The hotel is quite the place to people watch and I had a fantastic time all around. I understand who people love going to the signings. They are addictive and so full of excitement you can't help but want to join in. Meeting these people who change your life with their words is an honor. I wouldn't change anything about this weekend for anything. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and I can't to see everyone again in Denver! I mean, a signing that Jay Crownover is organizing? You REALLY can't do much better than that.