Hating To Love You by Erin Riley

If you didn't know may someone saying it, you would have no idea this was a debut novel. This author knocked it out of the park. I am a HUGE romance reader and this one SLAYED. It also swooned and giggled and BROUGHT IT. By IT I mean a plot that was just enough drama that I ate up every page. Rafe was everything you want in a hero and Sophie was brilliant. She was hilarious and such a personality that I still am not over this book ending. Is it too soon to start begging for the next read? No? Okay good because I already want it. Add To Goodreads


Rafe Pierce just wants to keep his head down and earn his next promotion. Becoming Houston’s “Hot Cop” is his worst nightmare, and things only get worse when the sexiest reporter he’s ever met starts digging through his past. Sophie Klein has the power to expose a childhood he’d rather keep hidden, so why can’t he stay away from her? He’s everything Sophie Klein hates: brash, arrogant, and hot as hell. When a chance encounter with a bachelorette party makes Rafe a social-media sensation, Sophie is the lucky reporter chosen to tell his story. She can’t deny the chemistry between them, but is determined to keep her distance. Unfortunately for her, a drunken hookup in a bar supply closet ensures she will be spending at least the next nine months with him…