Heart of The Devil by Meghan March

The Forge Trilogy is over. My heart isn't quite recovered yet. Meghan March held back absolutely nothing in this read. She delivered one of the most exhilarating reads that I've gotten all year. I swear I read it start to end in like 2 hours. I could not stop! With all of Meghan's trilogies I feel like we get a big bang in the third book. In this book? ALL THE BANGS back to back to back.I swear my heart didn't stop racing until I finished it. Jericho has secrets and they are ready to come out and play. The best part? He doesn't even know the exist either. Sometimes I want a read that leaves me heated up and yelling for more and sometimes I want the swoon kind Meghan March consistently delivers both.

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From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes the stunning conclusion to the Forge Trilogy. In this final volume, ruthless billionaire Jericho Forge faces his toughest challenge. To emerge victorious, he’ll have to give up the one thing he’s never offered a woman—his heart. It started as a game. She was nothing but my pawn. But I was quick to see the error in my ways, and now she is everything I never knew I needed. The value of a woman like India Baptiste is beyond measure. But the problem with being a man like me? I’ve already screwed this up, and there’s no guarantee India will take me on for one last bet. I'll do whatever I have to do. Drop to my knees and offer her the only thing I have left. The one thing that’s only ever been hers—the heart of the devil.