Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I don't know how I am going to survive waiting for book 4. This novel leaves you in shambles and so full or anticipation that you might burst. Sarah is a master of her art in this novel ands he truly shines. Celaena is a character that no read will soon be forgetting. With this novel comes for more challenges than we ever thought possible for Celaena. This novel also bring us a completely new alpha character that I for one sincerely hope blossoms into something more for the series. Can we say SWOON? I am a sucker for a good leading male character and this novel delivers that even if he just turns out to be another great supporting character. This novel is about growth. Celaena has fought for her life, proven herself, and now she must face her hardest task yet, conquering her past. She must fight for what she believes in and give it everything she has. While Celaena is busy unleashing her full potential and truly gearing up for battle, other things in our plot are heating up. As everyone begins to come to a head, sides must be chosen. I don't want to say too much about this novel. If you have read this far in the series then you are hooked just as I am. This novel has a lot of surprises we didn't see coming, and just as much information that we have waited 2 books to get. Secrets are revealed and truths are brought to light. What side will our faithful characters choose in the end. Will they all be on the side of good? Will they stand and fight for what they believe in? This is a novel chocked full of fantastic action scenes coupled with just as many emotions packed ones that leaves you floored from reading. I could not put this novel down!


She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one. Celaena Sardothien has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak—but at an unspeakable cost. Now she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth...a truth about her heritage that could change her life—and her future—forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. To defeat them, Celaena must find the strength to not only fight her inner demons but to battle the evil that is about to be unleashed. The king's assassin takes on an even greater destiny and burns brighter than ever before in this follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Crown of Midnight.