Hidden Seams by Alesandra Torre

Alessandra has done it you guys, She took two characters who I truly didn't think could work and it was perfection.

The cover is perfection in relation to this book as well. The title has so much more meaning once you read the book. This book was a hotbed of secrets, hidden agendas, and pasts that no one wants dug up. Throw in some sexual tension and it made for a story that I could not put down. I loved the characters too both of them had their faults, but when they were together it was explosive. It baffles me how some books Alessandra delivers these gut wrenching reads, and in her next novel she gives a fantastic plot and all the steam that a rated R book needs. Its a true talent y'all/ I want to mention how much I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in this book. Some of the descriptive scenes about the past and parties, heck even to get to meet some of the secondary character would have been amazing. Also, the epilogue to this book as perfect. twists I didn't see coming and and ending that was exactly what the book needed. SO GOOD.

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A billion-dollar fashion empire, and it’s about to be mine… I've worked a decade for this. I've sold my soul and my reputation. I've lived a lie, smiled for the cameras, and hated myself, all for this inheritance. And then … she pops up. A mysterious heir with a rap sheet, combat boots, and a mouth that I want to pin shut with my— It doesn’t matter. I’ve played this game for a decade. I can continue the charade a little longer, keep my hands to myself and her body out of my mind. I can keep my secret until the ink dries and everything is mine. Or not.