Hit or Miss by Everly Ashton

This was a wild but adorable ride. I loved the first book I read from Everly so I was excited to dive into this one. She defiantly has a style and I am here for it. 

The plot in this read was a little out there and definitely had its holes, but overall it was a cute read and I was happy to ride along for the HEA with Jemma at the end. 

I try to to read too much into plot holes when Im reading. Not all movies follow the rules, why should books? This was cute and I enjoyed it overall.


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Publishers Description:

What’s one way to make a lasting impression on a man? Shoot him.

When I accidentally send a bullet flying through a handsome stranger I’m mortified. When I find out he’s a doctor who treats children with life-threatening heart problems? I’m determined to make it up to him.

Playing nursemaid to Dr. Oliver Kinkaid is easier said than done. At least while having to pretend I’m not attracted to him. He’s a decade older than me, supremely sexy and has his life together. What’s not to swoon over?

Especially since I’m scraping by as a teacher, sharing an apartment with two friends and an exciting Friday night means binge-watching Dateline episodes with a bag of potato chips. Not much to swoon over here.

Until I find a hidden letter in our century old apartment that predicts I’ll meet my soul mate and live happily ever after.

Things start to develop between Oliver and me. Our mutual attraction grows to combustible levels and I can’t help but wonder if the letter was right—is he my perfect match?

Then I find out Oliver’s secret and I want to put another bullet through him.

Hit or Miss is a lighthearted, heartwarming and steamy romantic comedy with a happy ending and a cast of hilarious characters that will have you laughing out loud until the last page. No cheating. Buy or borrow this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!