Hot For His Girl by Rachel Blaufeld

Another SUPER GREAT new read for me! I was so excited to get this from Rachel and so glad that I dove right into it!

This read was SO GREAT. I know I already said that!

It was a read that had me in stitches and warm fuzzies. I loved the main characters and the storyline was very original and had me attached from the start. And and Reid not only were PERFECT, but they also had the best chemistry.

This was a rom-com that rivals some of my favorites form the year. I loved Rachels writing style and she crafts this story for you on all sets. IF you love a super relatable couple with all the swoon and double the laughs, here ya go.

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Andonia “Andi” Schwartz is the kind of gal you love to hate. Snarky, skinny, and jaded, Andi’s goodness lies hidden beneath her sharp edges. But it’s there . . . this independent single mom has it going on.

Reid Fellows is a lovable dude. Bespectacled tenure-track statistics professor by day, shirtless blogger by night, he’s a catch on paper and easy on the eyes.

Andi wields her power and unruly commentary from behind her laptop as the anonymous proprietor of The UnAffectionate Blogger. Reid’s blog, Grill and Groom, began on a dare. Now, he regularly shows his abs of steel while grilling.

He may love this gig more than his day job. She needs her page views and advertisers to support her daughter. Until the two meet and spin a web online and IRL . . . in real life.

What happens when two bloggers fall for each other?
A new blog is born.