House On The Forgotten Coast by Ruth Coe Chambers

I got this book for a boosktagram tour and the cover instantly pulled me in. I mean, LOOK AT IT. I don't read a lot of HF or really any mystery novels that aren't high in romance. So I decided it was worth it to dive into this. I really enjoyed this change of pace. This novel had lots of twists and turns, and characters that endeared this mystery to me. Thanks for the read, Ruth! Add to Goodreads Buy On Amazon:


Secrets, lies, and murder haunt The House on the Forgotten Coast, a magical novel set in Apalachicola, Florida, in the late 1980s. The novel begins with the beautiful Annelise Lovett Morgan, who, powerless in the face of her southern heritage, is forced to marry the mature Coulton Morgan instead of the young man who has captured her heart, artistic Seth Mitchell. But seventeen-year-old Annelise dies on her wedding day in 1879, never to live in the remarkable house built as a wedding gift from her father--and her story ends there, until Elise Foster's parents buy the historic house in 1987. When this happens, the house becomes a portal whereby Annelise and Elise, two young women from very different centuries, meet to solve a murder that occurred 100 years earlier.