Hunter by Blaire Drake


Goodreads|Amazon|4 Stars

review I LOVED this book. I can't rave enough about it. Blaire has gifted us with a work of art that I was compelled to read in one sitting. I am a huge fan of Mafia books and she took this one to a whole new level. Addy was taken from her home by her mother and went on the run. Her mother may have been the mafia queen, but her father was the king and he had sold has daughter to pay off a debt. Years later after Addy's mother has passed and she is a grown adult, her past comes calling. That past come sin the form of her childhood love turned assassin. RIGHT! I know. It already has you wanting to read more. I love second chance romances like this, and ai love them ever more when it is centered around someone needing to come to terms with who they have become. Hunter has become a cold-blooded killer and when he is face with Addy after all these years life hits him in the face. This was a wonderful and highly compelling read. The suspense thrown throughout it mingled with the reconnecting made for a read I won't soon forget! Goodreads|Amazon|4 Stars synopsis Born into blood, I was a mafia princess. Raised in hiding, I was a Californian sweetheart. The day my father sold my thirteen year old body to pay off a five year old debt was the day my mother stole me in the dead of night. She protected me as she was supposed to. My father may have been the king, but my mother was the queen. The mafia blood was hers. That was ten years ago. Now… the devil was on the loose. Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso was my father’s right hand man and the boy I’d loved since I could tie my own shoelaces. He was always the most ruthless and the most deadly of all the children. He’d thought I was dead until the day his assignment was given: Kill Adriana and Alexandria Romano. Kill the princess, and definitely kill the queen. What he didn’t know was that the queen was dead, and the princess had taken her throne. Blood didn’t lie. It smeared, distorted, stained. But it didn’t lie. My father was going to learn the hard way that the empire he’d stolen belonged to me. And so did Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso. follow