I Got Two CaseApp Cases and THEY ARE SO PRETTY!

GUYS! Do you see how pretty my phone looks? I know. It is truly BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't resist getting two cases because that meant I got to switch them out! Also, I OBVIOUSLY used photos I took to make the cases. When the company contacted me with an offer for a free item and a discount code for my followers, I was like SURE! I am super picky about iPhone cases because I am a CLUTZ. I drop things ALL THE TIME. Mostly, my phone. SO, yeah, I got the hard case that are extra protect. and again y'all my FAVORITE part:

Personalized phone case and personalized laptop skin options ARE LEGIT! I like to design my own item, obviously, because I rock at Italy nd a company that lets me do my won thing is the best.

These are the two cases that I got: They are both the same Hard iPhone 8 Plus case. They arrived SUPER quick and were way eacy to put on my phone. I have a gorilla glass on it (CLUTZ I TOLD YOU) and it fir totally fine with the case. I also was able to throw my pop socket on it with no issue as well. My photos that I used were high quality and it shows on the case. I was worried they would be grainy, because some companies are just yuck, but these came out exactly like they look on my phone.

And my 20% code for my followers: NOVELGROUNDS20

The discount code will be active until the end of JUNE 2019 guys so JUMP AT IT! These cases are legit.