I Pick You by Jettie Woodruff


4 Stars

Can we start by talking about how Jettie can take a character you loathe and have you fall for them in some way? Yeah, she did it again. I was NOT a fan of Brantley in the start. But, with time came an appreciation for him as a character and a love for this story. As an author, Jettie excels as writing children. I didn't know this when I first started reading her novels, as there were no children, but as soon as she published that first novel with a child, things clicked. She has a knack for capturing them in their innocence and joy. I ADORED Bay. She was the light of this novel. Brantley was an endless circle of love and hate, but he was a stereotypical guy in his decision and that helps endear him to you. When his daughter is in the picture she is his world, and in the end that is what matters. Even if I hate that I liked him a little. He did me wrong in this book, but someone always gets hurt in a love triangle and in the end I was content with how it all comes about. The characters don't always do what you want and not everything is a perfect happily ever after. That just isn't how it works. I love that Jettie stays true to this with I Pick You. It is a great drama filled rad that definitely sparks some emotional feedback.



When I left Nashville, Tennessee, I knew deep in my heart I wouldn't be back. I knew I would never be heard on every country music station around the world, and I would never step foot on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Cold hard guilt and responsibilities that I didn't want forced me on a different path. Me being responsible for an eighteen-month-old was a horrible idea. Me being a second grade teacher in a catholic school was plain ludicrous. Life sucked, love hurt, and I didn't know who to pick