Indulge by Georgia Cates

GUYS! It is beautiful and it is the Georgia Cates we all Love.

"Beau Emerson is no gentleman." Heck Yes. Thank you. I love Georgia Cates and just about everything that she writes. This is twisted and sexy and all the things I wanted it to be. I was SO invested in Beau and his HEA and Anna was super fun. She was a little bland but once I got to know her things were great. This is one of those reads that you finish and then get super sad that you aren't getting any more from these characters. They were the type of characters the people love to hate and I think that is part of the reason I loved them.

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From New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best-selling author, Georgia Cates, comes a steamy new standalone novel. Beau Emerson is no gentleman. Those hazel eyes. That filthy mouth. That greedy, hard body. It all equates to one thing. Irresistible. One look and I know he’ll bruise my lips and scar my knees. He’ll give me the best nine days of my life while ruining me in the most beautiful way imaginable. And I’ll let him because he has the power to talk me into anything. Except one thing. Staying. I have no choice. The things I desire from him will destroy me in the end. I want more than he’s capable of giving––something true and beautiful. He can never know how much of me belongs to him. Too much is at stake. Shh … don’t tell him he’s my everything. My name is Anna James Bennett. And this is our story.