Inferno: The Vault - Part 4 by T.K. Leigh

GAH! What an ENDING. I love each of TK's novels more than its predecessor. This 4 part series was SO much. I read these each in one setting and can't believe it is over. Well, I can hope that it isn't over. Maybe more? Maybe? Can I beg? Hold no bars? Isn't that how the saying goes? Maybe? I have no idea. But whatever it is, T.K. did it in this novel. balls to the wall, she gave us the conclusion that we wanted. Dante and Eleanor have been through SO much and I knew that this novel was going to really put them through the ringer. This book is the definition of romantic suspense. I couldn't put this novel down. I swear every time I thought I knew what was going to happen. I was totally wrong. I have no idea how T.K. did what she did, but goodness I am glad that she did because this novel was IT. This was my favorite of T.K.'s series and I can't wait to see what she brings us next. This was a Helluva ride. Add To Goodreads Amazon:


He found me in the dark when I thought all hope was lost. He swore he loved me when I didn’t think anyone ever would. He vowed to keep the shadows haunting me at bay when I felt like I was drowning in my past. But in doing so, he also kept the truth from me. It shouldn’t surprise me. After all, our relationship was built on a foundation of lies, the walls constructed of secrets, the roof a thin veil of deceit. But as I start to peel away layer after layer of this wasps nest I find myself entangled in, I’m faced with the truth…our truth. A truth even the strongest love can’t protect us from. A truth that’s been staring at me for years, but I’ve simply been too blind to see it. A truth that’s about to destroy everything. A storm is coming..