The Intern Volume 3 by Brooke Cumberland


5 Stars


Meg's Review:

This was a fabulous third volume to the Ceci and Bently story. I was very excited to finally get some answers for all these questions Brooke left in front of us. I also really wanted to see where the relationship was going to go for them. Favorite Quote:
"I've been dying to hear those three fucking words for what feels like a lifetime."
When we left off with book two, Bentley had found out the truth. Everything was crumbling for them and I wasn't sure if they were going to make it. Brooke has a talent with having her characters fall in love quickly but in a slow burn type of way. This volume embodies that. Bently and Ceci don't just instantly fall back into each other. This story has so much going on that it is important for them to have that broken past. They have a lot they each need to deal with.
"He cups my face,leaning in, but he doesn't kiss me."
Get ready for a few scenes like this. Torture. They are sure emotional torture. I did just see that Our dear Brooke announced that we will be getting another addition to this serial and I cannot wait. Another Must Read from BC.


I should’ve known.
I should’ve listened to my gut.
But I didn’t.
I listened with the wrong head.
And where did it get me?


She embodied them all.
Deceived her way into my company.
Lied about who she was.
Kept secrets from me after convincing me I could trust her.

Those walls she tore down are back up in full force.


She was no longer my intern.
She was no longer mine.

*The Intern is a three-part romantic suspense serial.*
Not suitable for readers under 18.