Intoxicating Passion Box Set by Felicia Tatum Review!

intoxicatingpassionGoodreads|Amazon|Meg's Review:

I really enjoyed reading the box set of this. The extended edition of Part 1 is in the Novel Grounds All Our Love Anthology. I LOVED Felicia's short as soon s I read it and HAD to read the rest. This was a quick and great read. Felicia weaves a story that keeps your attention on all fronts. I adored the characters! Korah drove me a little batty sometimes, but overall I liked her. Dane. Yum. He makes some terrible choices but int he end he really stand up for what he wants and I like that about him. Even if he didn't really know what he was doing. IntoxicatingPassion I like the fact that even though the box set was still a short read, it had a lot of action and suspense. I felt like it gave the story an extra kick. With all box sets and shorts I still had some parts I wished I got more of, like Danes background and Korah's pre-college life. All in all it was wonderful. I really enjoyed Felicia's writing style and development. It flowed well and kept your attention. The secondary character played just enough part to build the world around Korah and Dane. This is a good read for someone who enjoys NA romance and Serial Shorts. Give it a go! At only $.99 it's a bargain buy! unnamed


Journey with Korah and Dane in the Intoxicating Passion box set, as they battle their individual demons on the way to finding a way to care for one another.
Korah Daniels is a nineteen-year-old college student dealing with the aftermath of leaving an abusive relationship. After letting down her guard, she meets a sexy guy at a Halloween party, but quickly realizes her past isn’t as far gone as she hoped. Will she be able to run from her abuser? Will she continue to hold her heart dearly or will the mysterious Zorro find a way through?
Dane Davidson is the ultimate playboy, never sticking around for more than one night. When he encounters Angel Eyes, he discovers his heart isn’t as locked up as he imagined. The more he learns of her, the greater he desires her, and wants to protect her. Will Dane be able to let go of his past so he can have a future? Will Korah be the one who makes him want to change?
The five Intoxicating Passion novelettes take you along with Dane and Korah, as they face the answers to life’s biggest questions. unnamed