It is OUTLANDER Day (At Least for Me)!

Today is Outlander day for me. I am going to hang at a friend's house and eat strawberry shortcake and watch some Outlander because that just makes everything better.

I adored these books, and I love how close to them the show is staying. I always love to see how everything you pictured in YOUR mind plays out on the screen. To see it truly come to life. I can't imagine being an author and having your story come to life. It must be surreal. I know as a reader these characters are as real to me as the show is. I feel like I have known them forever. I have read this series up to the 5th book twice now and I just love it. Diana Galbadon is a true artist in the crafting of these books. It must have been one of the easiest book-show conversions ever because her writing truly does create this entire world right in your mind as you read.

Are you a fan of the show? I definitely am. Slightly to a crazy level. Maybe. But not as much as some other people. But I adore it.

How are you spending your Friday? Are you relaxing at home? Or are you at work? A good book to start this weekend? I would highly recommend jumping on some Jamie. I mean jumping into WATCHING some Jamie. Or both. Have you SEEN him?


Outlander on my friends.

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