It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time by Kylie Scott

I really enjoyed this novel. It was a bit taboo and a fun read, I always like those aspects. I lost a good few days working my way through it. It was a solid 4 star read for me.

I loved Adele in this. She was bared on the page line after line and you felt her page after page. I didn't connect with Pete as much as I would have liked, but that totally just could have been me with the read, not the hook. But I still loved their love story It was a fun read and if you enjoy that taboo ish stories they here ya go!

Forbidden loves are another trope that I love, they are fun and I adore how they keep you on edge with anticipation. Can't wait to read Kylie Scott's next read!

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Returning home for her father’s wedding was never going to be easy for Adele. If being sent away at eighteen hadn’t been bad enough, the mess she left behind when she made a pass at her dad’s business partner sure was.

Fifteen years older than her, Pete had been her crush for as long as she could remember. But she’d misread the situation—confusing friendliness for undying love. Awkward. Add her father to the misunderstanding, and Pete had been left with a broken nose and a business on the edge of ruin. The man had to be just as glad as everyone else when she left town.

Seven years on, things are different. Adele is no longer a kid, but a fully grown adult more than capable of getting through the wedding and being polite. But all it takes is seeing him again to bring back all those old feelings.

Sometimes first loves are the truest.