Just An Illusion: Unplugged by D. Kelly

This is the book you didn't know you needed. It is Sawyer's story and let me tell you. you have no idea what you are getting into.

I SOBBED through the firs books in this series. Legit, lost my entire mind. So I am invested. I am heart and soul into this series. This book though? I didn't see it coming. This was everything I hoped for and more.This book somehow told his entire story but also didn't feel like re-reading the same book over. SO much happened that we had no idea about and this book brings it all to the front. I cried some more and I fell even more in love with all of these characters. You see so much more of Sawyer and really get to know him and surprisingly you get a ton more of Belle in this book and truly get to see her and him grow into the friends we had no idea they were. It was beautiful and again, ALL THE TEARS GUYS. This is not a cliffy and is a perfectly planned out story. I loved it and I love this family and I will just keep reading the books over and over again.

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Coming Feb 14th, 2018. Sawyer Weston is cocky and arrogant. With his sinful smile and sexy dimples, he’s gotten his way most of his life. Infamous for his one-night stands and moves between the sheets, the lead singer for Bastards and Dangerous has never considered relationships—until he meets her. With her curvy body, sarcastic mouth, and uncanny ability to put Sawyer in his place, Amelia Greyson has captured his heart. She can see into his soul and knows what he truly wants from life. Sawyer has a problem, though—she’s dating his twin brother Noah. Although he wants her with every breath he takes, Sawyer and Noah’s complicated history prevents him from making a move on her. Just an Illusion—Unplugged tells Sawyer’s story. Every thought, every feeling, are yours for the taking. Are you ready? Pre-order now available on the following retailers - Nook - http://bit.ly/2w9pDTV Kobo- http://bit.ly/2xmoQR8 iBooks - http://apple.co/2ygBWyz