Just One by CE Johnson

I'm going all over the place with these reads but hang in there with me because I have become a fast fan of this author.

I was very excited to see that this was Finn's story. I had my fingers crossed, but you never know. He was a super alpha character and Daphne was so fun. She had a great personality and felt with his alpha-ness very well. I loved that the author also didn't make him a tool. That sometimes happens with alpha characters, they are tools, but he was also caring and kind. Wins in my book. This was a healing story and though the plot left a little to be desired as far as cohesiveness, I still really enjoyed the read.

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It took just one look at Finnegan O’Reilly to know I was in trouble. I needed a job. One that would distract me from my troubles. But I wasn’t prepared for the self-control it would take to keep our relationship strictly professional. Not to mention, the strong arm that he wrapped protectively around me. I didn’t know that just one person could give me so much hope. From the day Daphne Jones swayed into my pub, I had a feeling about her. A feeling I’ve managed to keep to myself, even after our unforgettable one night stand. But with Daphne in danger, there’s no way I’m keeping my distance now. I’m going to protect her. Even if it means, losing everything.