Keep by Rachel Van Dyken

Keepin Goodreads|Amazon Rachel released Keep early and at $1.99! Instead of making us wait until next year she surprised us today! This novel was SUCH a great read! Don't miss it!

My Thoughts:

Keep was beautiful. I was a little apprehensive about reading a book that tackled something I am very knowledgeable about, but Rachel depicted anxiety perfectly. At least in my opinion. She took something that so many people deal with on a daily basis and made it not only relatable, but understandable in a way, to those who don't deal with it. It was great to read. I mean, it's a Seaside novel. You KNOW it is going to be great, there is no doubt about that, but It might be my favorite yet. Zane was funny and haunted in the same moment. He was falling in love, and yet terrified he was trading one crutch for a different one. It was a constant battle for him, but in the end, one that needed to be fought.

Then we had Fallon.

She was FANTASTIC. Seaside breeds a different type of woman. This one was EXACTLY what Zane needed. A dose of "Who the heck are you?" mixed with a bit of "IDGAF". Keep was fun and light during some parts and those parts left you laughing non stop, while we still got the serious parts that we love. IT was a perfect blend. My favorite seaside novel to date. You don't want to miss it!

The Blurb:

Seaside Pictures Book 2 (All books in this series are interconnected stand alones) My name's shouted on rooftops. It's written on bras, bathroom stalls, hell my name is everywhere. To say my name is to experience an orgasm without ever leaving your house. My name? Zane "Saint" Andrews. I'm sex. I'm a rock god. I'm also a virgin. What they don't know won't kill them right? Give the people what they want. And what they want is the idea of me; the pleasure they gain at listening to my song and knowing without a doubt I'm talking about them and only them. It worked for a while. Until a nerdy girl with glasses falls at my feet, literally, and suddenly I don't want to be Saint anymore, what I want? What I really need? Is to be kept. By her.