Keeping Him by Kennedy Fox

I don't eve have the words. This has hands down the top novel in this series for me. It brought ALL the emotions and I couldn't turn away from it.

Jackson. Oh, my dear Jackson. This duo was Everything. I swear these authors gave us one of the sexiest and hottest reads I have read in a while and they did that with simply a kiss at the start of the book.

I kid you not, you will need a nice cold shower after this read because you might be pregnant when you finish reading. That is your warning.

This is one of the most emotional and tasing reads this duo has ever given us. It rips apart everything you thought you knew about the characters and puts your picture back together piece by piece.

I need so much more and in the sea breath I know that this book was absolutely perfect for an ending to the series. I can't wait to read more from these authors. I NEED MORE.

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Jackson Bishop is your typical playboy.
Unpredictable, charming, and overly confident.

Growing up in Texas, the ranch life is all he’s ever known. Horses and late night partying are his lifestyles, and all the local girls know it too. Riding lessons aren’t the only things taught at the stables, and he makes sure clients never leave unsatisfied. Everyone knows Jackson’s a wild card, but not everything is as it seems. He may be a womanizer on the surface, but he’s hiding deep feelings about the one who’s had his heart since he was a teen. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as roping her in and claiming her as his.

Kiera Young is well-known for her sassy nature and outgoing personality. Though she’s one of the best horse trainers in the area, she’s never been able to tame her best friend and the man she’s secretly loved since she was fifteen—Jackson Bishop. She’s waited years for him to confess his true feelings but as time goes on, she decides she’s done waiting. Kiera finally meets a man who promises to give her the world, and when he pops the question, she says yes—knowing they’re both ready to settle down and start a family.

Even if her heart beats for another man.

Jackson’s certain he’s lost Kiera for good and has no one to blame but himself. However, on the day of her wedding, he can’t bring himself to watch the woman he loves walk down the aisle to someone else. Kiera’s already having second thoughts and knows she can’t get married without his support. It’s not until she’s at the altar that she realizes she can’t let Jackson go and will do whatever it takes to keep him—even if it means running out on her own wedding.