Keeping Score by Violet Paige

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Another steamy read from Violet Paige! Every time I see her name in my inbox I know that I am going to have to dive in ASAP because her books are the perfect escape for an afternoon.

The last read I got from her was a royal read, this one was SPORTS and It was HOT.

I will say that the book could use a once over with an editor, but for me those things don't really affect my reading per say. It was a quick sexy read and not like the crazy in-depth plots I read quite frequently.

If you go into the read with expectations of a CRAZY deep and emotional romance, you will be disappointed. If you go into the read to lose and hour and just read a quick romance that is enjoyable at the end fo the day, here ya go.


Broken. Damaged. Playboy. Jock with a giant C*ck.
I’ve heard it all.
But it only took was one stupid bar fight after our playoff win to flip my life upside down.
Because of her.
One taste of Julie’s sweet lips, and she ignited a fire in me I didn’t know I had.
She’s sweet. Innocent. An angel I should never get my dirty hands on.
If she knew what was good for her, she’d stay away, but that’s not how this story works.
If we’re going to do this, I’m going ALL in.
I’m going to prove I can be the man she needs to keep her and Hunter safe.
They need me.
I changed my life once. I can do it again.
This time there’s a kid involved, and they are counting on me to keep them together.
No more women. No more drinking. No more fights.
I’m cleaning up my act.
This quarterback knows how to fight to win.
I’ll do whatever it takes to be a father to Hunter.
And the man Julie can love.
Nothing will keep us apart.

*Keeping Score is an enhanced and updated version of the previously released Violet Paige title, No Boundaries. There are new bonus scenes and special content.*