Keeping You by Jordan Bates

Okay. Jordan and me have issues. She previous broke my heart with her book and I was apprehensive to start this, but she PROMISED that I would love this one and have all the swoon. I am VERY happy to report that I swooned and fell in love with this romance that spanned a lifetime. The love consumed me and this angst was literally palpable as you read. Also, we need to talk about this cruel brand of angst. We often get the regular angst in romance but this type had me SCREAMING at my book. In a good way though. The characters are just planets orbiting without even stopping to truly see each other. I loved and hated it every page I read it. I need to go back and read the previous novels in this series because now I am in love. Add To Goodreads


One simple question changed both our lives. Can I keep you? We were only nine then, and all that mattered to us was seeing each other again. But that all changed as we grew up. Years of pretending like we didn’t know each other. That nothing we felt when we were younger had ever happened. As if that question was never asked. Who knew that it would take so long for us to figure it all out? To stop pretending and finally realize that we had been there for each other all along.

It might have taken us 21 years, but it’s finally here. And this is our story.