Kristen Ashley - Dream Man Series


4 Stars


I read all 4 books in the Dream Man Series, Motorcycle Man being the last and my most recent. I decided not to write a review a big review on this one, but to do 4 mini reviews like I did on the Rock Chick Series.

Ill be honest. I have decided I don't really like writing reviews. I would much rather be cuddled up on my couch reading a new book. But I have to do it sometime. I don't think its fair to the authors not to share how much I absolutely Love their book(s). I mean some of these books I literally cry during. When I read I get completely involved in the story line and the characters. When they hurt, I hurt, They are happy, I am happy. Its prolly weird, but that's me. So this is my best attempt at writing reviews for the books and I hope you give them a chance.

Book One: Mystery Man

This book follows Gwen and Hawk. A little more risky than my normal read since it jumped right in but I did enjoy it. Gwen meets a man at a bar, brings him home, and has a one night stand with him without ever learning his name. Then she allows him to visit her at random in the middle of the night for hook ups. Yep You read that right. She has NO idea who he is, and nothing about him other than the mind blowing nights they share. Cue the Drama and the chase for Hawk to get Gwen to love him while he is protecting her from the many people that are now after her for no reason. I loved reading this book and watching how Hawk and Gwen's relationship developed. She was done as soon as she found out who he was and she was pissed. This I was glad about. I was pissed too. Its not like he had any real reason not to tell her. Ok well he did, but not really. BUT I will give him the credit that when he decided she was his, that was it. He pursued her until he had her and she accepted that she wanted him to. They dealt with Kidnapping, shootings, and fires. It was an exciting and awesome book. Kristen Ashley never lets down. I Love the theme of loyalty in these books. The loyalty of the bothers, the loyalty of the girls, and the loyalty of the lovers themselves to each other.

Book Two: Wild Man

Wild Man follows DEA Agent Brock Lucas and Tess Ohara the owner of a bakery. Lucas goes undercover to get close to Tess and insure she has nothing to do with her Exhusbands drug business. Well this goes south for him when her ex is arrested and this all comes to light. She is rightfully upset at being used and lied to and leave him. He lets her along for 3 months. After this he wants her back and has decided its time. Tess is trying to move on but she is in love with him and its not as easy as she thinks. This get even more complicated with all of Lukas's family drama as well as Tess's problems with his Ex. Its a shorter read, or well for me it was. Not as much action as I though but it was very raw with emotion. You felt for Tess and what was going on with her. This is more of a theme in the Dream Man series than in Rock Chicks. Tess and Brock deserve so much to work out but life just keeps messing with them. Eventually they start to get things going right and its really great for them when it does. I wanted them to have their happy ending from the start. They didn't fight being in Love as most of the other couples did. Tess knew and even if she pushed against it sometimes, in the end she always gave in.

Book Three: Law Man

Mitch and Mara. This book was a heart wrenching read. It not only involved Mitch and Mara's twisted tale of falling in love, but it involved the rescue and safety of two children, her second cousins. Mara's cousin is a drunk and a druggie and his children are going hungry and living in a hole in the wall. These children needed help and Mara needed to save them. Step in Mitch. He is with her every step of the way helping her with these kids. He knows form the moment he sees them he wants to be a part of their lives and he will do anything he can to make them safe and happy. I Loved this. I wanted this stability and Love for them from the beginning. Mitch and Mara still have their battle to be in love and it involves the Russian Mob and Drug Smuggling, but it also involves the typical arguing and denial of a KA story. :D

Book Four: Motorcycle Man

From the start of book one where you meet Tack I could not wait for his happy ending. I fell for him as a character right form the start. His Loyalty and personality were just so interesting I wanted to know more. This story is Tack and Tyra. Tyra sees Tack at the party she is attending and one conversation and some tequila later she is in his bed. LOVED It. Knew right away this was gonna be good. That was until page 2 where he tells her to get dressed and leave her number. WTH jerk. I am NOT liking Tack at the moment. Cue Tyra arriving at her new job. Where Tack is her new boss! This doesn't go over well with Tack and Tyra doesn't much care. She is going to work this job and he is going to deal with it. They bicker, they fool around, the fall in love <3 Its Great. Cue the Drama. Tack has a crazy EX and she has it out for Tyra. When I say Crazy I mean stalking and screaming in the workplace nuts. Cue the Russian Mob AGAIN! OK so thats all I am going to tell you because if I write much more Im going to completely ruin the ending. But its a great one and I cried. Again. I know I'm a baby. So BUY THE BOOK!