Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick Series


Five Stars


This series easily has become one of my favorites. Each story follows a different couple in their battle (Literally in most cases) to finding each other and staying together. They are all packed full of sarcasm and hilarity but also action while having it be true love stories each time. Even with the very similar themes in each book they all have their won unique story. The series take place in Denver, Colorado and is in the same World as Kristen Ashley's other books. This is recommended as the first series to read by her if you intend to read the others though its not necessary. Each series follows a different group in this world and though they do interact its okay if they are read out of order. (Though I read them in order and its So fun to see all their lives change through the different series!) I will write Mini synopsis for each book and a little of my opinion on them :) Don't want to write to much as I don't want to give too much away as to who ends up with who ;) Its a super fast paced and great series if you want the action, love, and angst all thrown into one.

Book One - Rock Chick:

This books follows Indy Savage and Liam Nightingale. Indy has been in love with Lee since they were children, They grew up together and Indy and Lee's sister are Best friends. Lee has shown no desire to be anything but friends with Indy their whole life. WELL this changes big time when Indy starts getting shot at. Yep, Shot at.

See Indy owns a book store and one of her employees gets her dragged into this Diamond theft search and people start trying to kill/kidnap her. To Complicate matters once Indy gets into this trouble Lee intervenes. Then to throw her for a ringer lets her know he is interested in her in a serious way. In her defense none of this has anything to do with her until she begin the hunt for the diamonds to save everyone. This is Not okay with Lee. The major story line in the book is Lee informing Indy they are together and Indy fighting him tooth and nail while being kidnapped, finding dead bodies, and being near car bombs with her sidekick his younger sister. Its a super fast and exciting read.

From the first page I wanted them to be together. I wanted that Happy ending and I was going to be damned if Lee didn't convince her to just give in and be happy. its Angsty and exciting and well written. So yeah, GO READ IT!

Book Two- Rock Chick Rescue:

Book two Follows Indy's new employee Jet and Eddie Chaves DPD Officer :). Jet is on her own taking care of her sick mother while trying to support herself. Then step in Jet's dad. He has a serious gambling problem and he has dragged this mess to her door. All while this is happening Eddie is seriously interested in Jet and again she is just not having it. She doesn't think she deserves him and feels the need to fight her won battles instead of letting him help. This comes to a stop when a knife ends up at Jet's throat. Eddie is at this point determined to help her. Add in some more kidnapping, a strip club, the rock chick crew, and some poker and you have the fun of the story. Eddie is determined to convince Jet she deserves to be happy and he will be damned if her father's mess is going to stop it.

I loved every second of this book. Jet is a strong character that has convinced herself that its her responsibility to help everyone and she doesn't need anyone's help to do it. In reality she does. She deserves the love thats being offered to her and needs to accept that its not her job to take care of everyone.

Book Three- Rock Chick Redemption:

Book three is Roxie and Hank. Roxie is on the run from a bad boyfriend. She runs to denver to visit her uncle and then sees Hank for the first time. Not that she needed any more complication in her life, but Hank has decided that wether she likes it or not there is something between them and they are going to act on it. Roxie is convinced that this isn't going to happen but when the Rock Chicks gang, her best friends, and all the other crazy friends in this town get involved they decide it is.

Cue the epic action of the book. Kidnapping, car chases, parties, riots, and the Haunted House. This book follows the others in the fact that Roxie is a super interesting and funny character that deserves absolutely 0 of whats happening to her, but she handles it in stride just like a Rock Chick would. She is fighting Hank tooth and Nail and just wants to finish this and move far away from it all. Hank isn't having this. He is going to get his happy ending and roxie isn't going anywhere.

I loved this book too (Can you see the theme here?) I love the troubled heroine and the hot guy rescue. They are all great reads and never let down.

Book Four- Rock Chick Renegade:

Jules and Vance are this books rock chick couple :D Jules has a vendetta with the drug dealers of Denver and she's going to exact it. Vance is on her tail making sure she doesn't get herself killed. Add into the mix 2 teenage runaways that Jules will let absolutely nothing bad happen to and you get the race of Jules and Vance. This book has all the same elements as this first three but in this book Jules is protecting not herself form something, but the boys. She is a social worker and is hell bent on making these children's lives better.

Book Five- Rock Chick Revenge:

Ava and Luke have known each other since they were children. Ava is on a fight to get dirt on her best friends dipshit husband. To do this she asks Luke for help. Since he is a big shot PI now she thinks this is a great idea, until she changes her mind and decides to go it herself. (Not the smartest move) Luke sees trouble coming a mile away as it has happened with 4 of his friends and their girls. So he steps in even though Ava wants nothing to do with him. Cue shooting, drugs, kidnapping and the likes. Again.

I know what your prolly thinking. All these books have such similar story lines and seem to include the same things. But really they don't. Each book is very unique unto the characters it follows. They all have their battles but they all happen different and each time it gets more complicated. With more Rock Chicks being in the picture more people are in danger, thus adding to the drama.

Book Six- Rock Chick Reckoning:

Stella and Mace. Stella and mace had a "Thing". Mace broke it off and it devastated her. A year later Stella gets a call that one of her band member is in trouble. When she show sup to the scene Mace is there and she gets shot. All the Rock chicks have been targeted and are in danger. Stella doesn't much care and wants nothing to do with Mace gunshots or not, but he isn't really giving her a choice.

This story is about love and forgivness. Its also big in the communication area. They need to learn to talk to each other and forgive whats happened with the past before it destroys them. I cried a few times during this book. Parts were absolutely heart wrenching. But it was worth it in the end. I wanted so much for Stella and Mace to finally find happiness with each other and to concur their demons. All of them. This one has the action but its not as centered around the two characters as is is the group as a whole with a smaller story line for Stella and Mace.

This book ends with a 5 years down the road chapter. I LOVE when authors do this. Especially when you know there is only 2 books left in a series and you just don't want to let the characters go. Its short but it does give you that perfect glimpse into what happens after all the battles have been fought. But really who knows with the Rock Chicks?

Book Seven-Rock Chick Regret:

Sadie and Hector. Sadie is the daughter of the Drug Lord Hector went undercover to take down. While Hector is investigating Sadie's father, Sadie figured out who he is and try to secretly help him gather evidence. One drunk night Sadie throws herself at Hector and he sees the REAL Sadie. Not the facade she puts on to survive her life. After this small moment Hector knows he must have her. gHector decides to give Sadie time after her father is incarcerated, to come to him. While this is going on sadie is targeted for retribution. She goes to Nightingale for help but doesn't tell them all thats going on so they say no. That night Sadie shows up in their parking garage on beaten and attacked to the point of collapse.

Hector let her go once and he wont do it again. This continues with her recovery, the hunt for her attackers, and Sadie's bloom from the Drug Lord's daughter to someone she is proud and happy to be. She wants out of that world completely, and she wants her happy ending.

So get the books. You wont regret it. There is something for every type of reader, wether its the humor, the action, or the love story.