Life Altering Beautiful by T.A. Hardenbrook


5 stars


My Review:

Gosh this book was SO GOOD! I just could not put it down. I was asked by the Author to do an Arc review for my blog AND Omg I feel so silly for having to wait even a day passed what I did to read it. This is a must read for the year. I am SO thankful to get to share how great it was, I know I am ranting but please keep reading :) Seven is on the run, from her life, from her past, from her family. From Everything. Her life crashed before her and everything changed. A day that she should be able to look back on and smile leaves her only in tears and regret. Stone is hot and perfect all bottled into one. Granted he does have his flaws and his own secrets. He is our typical "one night stand" guy, but Seven is the exception. He knows from the moment he sees her that his life is going to change and she is going to be in it. Though their relationship is wonderful they have HUGE elephants in the room. Not little small ones, HUGE ones that they need to talk about before life blow up in their faces. Gosh even with them being so stubborn, I feel so in love with these characters, their denial may have been the catalyst for it. They were great and real and I felt so connected to them. I was on my toes with them and what was going to happen next. Gosh the ending! It was such a good ending and I really can't wait to read more about these characters and this world. Its just enveloping. I really thought I was going to be sending a "OMG how could you!" message to the author, but alas luckily I fell in love even more than I thought I could with the ending. A well written, great flowing, awesome plot filled book. It doesn't let down in the least <3


*Disclaimer* This book is intended for 18+ Keeping secrets is easy; not falling in love is the hard part. Running away from her past Seven was bound and determined to make a new life. She moved halfway across the country to a school where she hoped to fly under the radar. What could possibly go wrong if she just kept her life quiet? Stone has no interest in commitment. Dating always seemed to lead to broken promises and heartbreak, keeping it simple was easier on everyone. But then in the middle of his crazy world he meets this girl, and somehow the universe aligns leaving him wanting more. How can he make her see that it’s okay to trust again; how does he combine his two lives and make both of them worthy enough to be with her? If love is all that someone needs, then why are there so many broken souls in this world? Can one individual really make a change for the better and make peace within themselves and others? When two souls collide can they save each other?