Like Falling by Jaden Wilkes


5 Stars


My Review:

Gosh! This book blew me away. I am hooked and hanging on edge till the next book arrives. I fell in love with everything about it. The Fantastic writing, the great entertaining characters, the plot line! All of it. A story of learning how to live. Sarah has dreamed of finding out what life is outside her small town Mennonite community. She has lived a far sheltered life and subsequently her outlook on life is just as sheltered. I saw her reactions as more of a child in the beginning then or a girl her age. It was wonderful and heartbreaking to watch her bloom and learn how to really live her life. To top it all she gets this chance starting college. You can imagine how that goes. From day one out in the world her life changes. She not only meets one man that will greatly influence her college life, but two. Where it rains it pours, and this development may not be as good as it appears. Then dear old mommy and daddy jump in the mix and throw a perfect Mennonite man in the mix. Tattoos, T.A work, and Text messages. This poor girls life went form very boring to textbook college life. This book is a journey for Sarah, but its also a journey for you as the reader. You really connect with her form the start and her ever awesome roommate. You feel for them and what goes on in this book. Some parts I was screaming at Sarah to see what was in front of her face, and other parts I was swooning. Gosh, on to the ending. Jaden. Oh gosh how could you leave me hanging like that! I do not know if I can survive not knowing what happens! This ending it great guys. I mean Sarah has some stuff to sort out, but with a guy like that I don't know if it would be much of a decision for me :) Just you wait and see, you will be on the edge of your seat.


Sarah Miller is known as a dreamer in her stifling Mennonite community, but she's hiding something from them all. A simple wish to avoid the strictly enforced life path expected of her...early marriage, babies, and work on the farm. She wants more, so much more. Education, travel, A chance at university hundreds of miles away is too much to pass up, so she follows her best friend Naomi and decides to take her future into her own hands. She had no idea this decision would change her in ways she never imagined, will the one person she falls in love with hold her back from everything she ever wanted? ***As with all my work, this novel is intended for those 18+. It is New Adult, but contains depictions of graphic sex, drug use and underage drinking. However, if you are in the mood for an amazing story with sex scenes that will make your naughty bits tingle, you’re in luck! ****This is not a stand alone, it is a cliffhanger, the first of three books. Book two is already in process so you won't have to wait long! I'm not going to go all George RR Martin on my fans and make you suffer for years between books. ;)