Lilies on Main by J Lynn Bailey

I am completely in love with this story. It was beautiful and riveting and everything I needed it to be. By the time I got to the end I was completely enamored.

This book could be a hallmark movie mixed with a lifetime movie. I swooned the entire novel. This book as beautiful, from the words inside to the stunning cover and map, it was all perfection. Granite Harbor is wonderful. I love the world and the characters and this book? All the emotions. This was my first read in this series and I intend to go back and read all the other books int he seers though they are all standalone in the series. Lilly, Aaron and Lydia were amazing. They pulled at my heart and completely enthralled me to this series. I can't wait to read the rest of the gang!

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For bookstore owner Lydia White, another geographical move doesn’t faze her. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash at one more curveball thrown into her life plan. Five years running from a man who broke her heart, and her spirit, has taught her to keep her walls up. Scared to trust again, Lydia swears to keep all men off limits. Even Aaron Casey, who seems too perfect to be true. With a daughter to protect and a life to build, she simply can’t afford to let her guard down. But when William Davis, a seventy-something recovering alcoholic, steps into Lydia’s bookstore for the first time, holding the secret to saving both of their lives, she might have to learn that trusting a man with her life is just as dangerous as trusting one with her heart.