Lingerie for Felons by Ros Baxter

lingerieforfelons 4 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

Another fantastic read from Ros. I received this book in exchange for an honest review :) This book isn't one of those quick one month stories, it spans the width of 14 years. Quite a time but even with the jumping it kept your attention. It follows Lola, a young math nerd who is always in the wrong place in the wrong clothes. Well, the wrong lingerie to be exact. It's quite entertaining. Lola is one of those girls who insists on fighting fate anyway she can. In this case its in regards to Wayne. Life has other ideas and he is constantly thrown in her path. Lola drive me a little mad though, in a good way. she's adorable and entertaining on one hand, and on the other you just want her to catch a break and figure things out. A novel that had me giggling and hoping for the ending I had in mind. A hilarious and engaging read :) I Highly recommend it my Novel Grounders.


If there’s one universal truth, it’s this: You’re always wearing your worst underwear when you land in trouble. Lola’s parents told her that everyone can make a difference. And she believed them. She’s been fighting the good fights since she was eleven years old. But at 23, Lola falls hard for an Australian stockbroker who thinks Doctors Without Borders is a porno and Joni Mitchell sounds like a harp seal being battered to death. She cuts him loose, but over the next fifteen years, through protests, misunderstandings, humiliating predicaments, and a number of poor underwear choices, their lives and paths continue to converge. Along the way, Lola learns a few important life lessons: Never wear a red lace thong to a strip search. Make sure you take motion sickness pills if you’re going to the Southern Ocean to save the whales. And sometimes, Mr Right can be all wrong, and Mr Wrong just needs time to find the right path. Funny, touching, emotional and political, Lingerie for Felons is Bridget Jones meets An Inconvenient Truth, about doing the right thing, finding the right person, and always thinking through your underwear choices.