Losing It by Cora Carmack (#1)

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Meg's Review:

I loved this book! I recently jumped into the world of Cora Carmack and was very happy with what I found. Bliss's story is highly entertaining and equally emotional. She is desperate. Desperate to NOT be a virgin anymore. Or, well her best friend is desperate for her and we all know how best friends can be. Until Bliss meets Garrick. Yumm. “An accent. HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT. Dear God, I’m dying.” From this point in the book I knew I was in for a ride. It has a lot of different elements in it that appeal to different types of book lovers. Humor? It has that. Bliss is highly entertaining. Her inner monologues? Priceless.Emotional? You bet. This story had me on the edge of tears. Cora LI Angst? Hecks-yes. Great dialogue? She rocks it. Cora Carmack weaves a story that has a little bit for everyone in it. It's wonderfully written and really draws you in. I can't wait to read the rest of this series. I have a feeling that Cora is going to wiggle her way to the top of my yearly book love chart.

Losing It Synopsis:

Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, Bliss Edwards decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible - a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier.