The Lover's Secret by J.C. Reed (No Exceptions #1)


4 Stars


Amy's Review:

I read the Surrender your Love series last year and really liked Jett and Brooke! I am so glad that JC Reed decided to write more about their ongoing crazy love saga.
After finally recovering from witnessing a murder, Brooke is ready to move on. Moving on with Jett is difficult for her. How can you trust someone fully who has crossed your heart before, especially when all he is willing to give is his word? Brooke has jumped in with both feet, spending all of her time with Jett and all of her energy on Jett has left little time for friends. Jett also likes to play games ... fun, sexy, one night stand type of games. Brooke is eager to comply and play along but longs for more of a commitment from Jett. Why is he so unwilling to commit? What is he hiding from her?
Jett gives very little in this book. He showers Brooke with affection and attention, but only what he wants to give. Questions are pretty much off the table and that would never fly with me. Jett seems to be a man that plans everything to a T. I bet he didn't think anyone would rat him out. I bet he never though Brooke would get curious and search his things. I guarantee he never assumed Brooke would get slipped a note with shocking information about him on it. Ahhhh, I was like YES when the secrets started rolling out. I always root for the underdog and hated to see Brooke so clueless.
Jett and Brooke's character development started in Surrender you Love. I love how they have grown together through out the books. The progression was steamy hot at the beginning and has slowly tapered off .. but I think that is how real life is also. By the end of the story I was biting my nails wondering OMG what is gong to happen next. I love how JC Reed always ends a book with a bit of a cliffhanger. Not enough that I won't be able to sleep wondering, but definitely enough that this book will stay on my mind wondering where it is going from here. The future seems super exciting for this couple and I for one an anxiously awaiting the next book The Lover After Him.


When a sexy encounter comes like a dream and leaves like a nightmare…

Brooke Stewart thinks she’s finally safe. After witnessing the crime of a killer, she can move on from her past. But after one night at the Trio Hotel and meeting the sexy stranger with the green eyes that can steal one’s soul, her life is changed forever. Passions run deep. The game is supposed to be for one night with no strings attached.

What she doesn’t know is that the sexy stranger has an agenda of his own. Brooke Stewart has something he desperately wants, something he can't admit to the woman he tries to get to surrender. A secret so deep it would upend her life if she found out too soon. He’s almost reached his goal, and then she gets a letter she was not meant to read. Suddenly, secrets get a completely new meaning.

Is the past really ever the past?