Loving The Crown by Violet Paige

This book is the perfect example of me having no self control.

I got an email about reading it and even thought I am SO OVERBOOKED, royal reads are a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine. So I said yes and spent the rest fo the night reading it because again, No self control. This wasn't a super serious read, or anything over complicated. It was like one of those hallmark movies that are just goofy and romantic enough that you love it. The characters were fun and overall the story was just a fun escape from reality. I am a new fan of this author and hope to grab up her other novels. There were a few spots int he plot where I wanted elaboration, but meh, I still enjoyed it. A solid 4 star read for me.

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Gillian Bradshaw might be the princess of Hollywood, But she’s never met royalty like me. One collision and we’re both hooked. Only, dating an actress isn’t allowed in the House of Sauvage. She’s gorgeous, talented and brilliant. I can’t let a woman like her out of my arms, No matter what the crown says. But I’m up against the clock. Gillian is headed back to the States as soon as her shoot wraps. I can’t let her go that easily. I’ve had my share of training in the Royal Navy, but I’m in the fight of my life to keep the woman I can’t live without. This is one battle I’m not going to lose—even if I have to take on the king.