Lucky in Love by Kelly Elliott

Anyone else obsessed with these beautiful bride covers? Just me? Okay. Well, I am because they are stunning and I ADORE this series.
Truitt and Saryn wove their way into my heart so quickly that I can't remember not loving them. This novel was all the swoon and had just enough laughs to leave you feeling like you were watching hallmark on a rainy day. I seem to be on a single parent kick with my reads lately and this one was another favorite. Saryn is a single mom returned back to her home town and faced with her old crush. YUP. You know what that means, awkward situations and ALL THE SWOON. I loved the whole crew in this read and the dual POV really rounded it out to perfection while reading. I never have to doubt the swoon and love that a KE novel will bring me. It never fails.
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When it comes to luck, I’m on the wrong end of the good side with more mishaps than I care to remember. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy guy: single, decent looking, wealthy, with a waiting list of people who want me to make their kid’s dreams come true with my custom-designed playhouses. My life was exactly how I wanted it to be. That is, until Saryn Night walked back into my life with the intention of firing me. Good luck with that. One strong-headed, opinionated woman with a three-year-old little girl had turned my world upside down within five minutes. The moment they stormed into my office — bright blue eyes, curly brown hair, and a smile that would make any man fall to his knees, and that was just the daughter — I knew I was in for one wild ride that was guaranteed to turn my luck completely around. Now, for once in my life, I found myself thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could finally be Lucky in Love.