Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover


5 HUGE Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Favorite Quote: "Half of me rejoices in the fact that I was able to walk away, but the other half of me can't believe how stupid I was for passing up an opportunity like that."

I, along with the rest of the book world, fell in LOVE with this novella before it was even released. Imagine how in love I was AFTER I got to read it? Sometimes a novel touches you emotionally, and that book instantly ingrates itself in your heart. Sometimes it has you laughing hysterically and that is the reason it stick in your head. This novella though? It gives you emotional. hysterical, and all the emotions in-between. Colleen has a real talent for this and she takes is to another level this time. I'll be honest. I really wasn't a fan of Bridgette in Maybe Someday. I thought she was snarky and stuck-up. Well, I was kind of right. But not really. Bridgette had a lot more going on then we knew, and that stuff going on changed everything. I always find that with secondary characters I either Love or Hate them. With Bridgette's case I didn't much pay her mind. I was more focused on Ridge and Sydney. Boy do I need to do a re-read. Warren. I am in LOVE with his character. Like REALLY. He is another one of those secondary that you thought you knew, but really didn't. MaybeNotTeaser I know this review isn't to convince you to read it, you just want to know how EIPC it is, because let's be real: It is a CoHo novel and you are going to read it. Be sure that this is an epic story that you can't miss. Because, you really can't.


Colleen Hoover, the New York Times bestselling author of Maybe Someday brilliantly brings to life the story of the wonderfully hilarious and charismatic Warren in a new novella, Maybe Not. When Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, he instantly agrees. It could be an exciting change. Or maybe not. Especially when that roommate is the cold and seemingly calculating Bridgette. Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together. But Warren has a theory about Bridgette: anyone who can hate with that much passion should also have the capability to love with that much passion. And he wants to be the one to test this theory. Will Bridgette find it in herself to warm her heart to Warren and finally learn to love? Maybe. Maybe not.