Meet the Cast of All Lined Up by Cora Carmack #FootballFriday


Welcome to Rusk University

Yesterday we took the test to see if YOU were a Stella or a Dallas.

Now take a minute to meet the cast of All Lined Up.

Meet The Bad Boys

Silas and Levi

The Bad Boys of ALU are also best friends. Makes for an even more interesting story.


Read his full teaser bio HERE on Cora's Site.

“You come here to make some bad decisions?” He moves closer, his voice pitching lower. Intimate. His gaze drifts down my body with an arrogant familiarity. “Because you know I can help you with that.”

Levi Abrams has been the cause of enough bad decisions for a lifetime.

Stella steps in, her voice colder than I’ve ever heard it. “I’m fairly certain she’d rather sandpaper her own skin off.”

I nod and plaster on the fakest smile in my arsenal. “And then take a bath in lemon juice.”

Levi smiles back, and I’m pretty sure the bastard is enjoying this.

levi inflated ego

Meet Silas:

Read his other teasers and book preview HERE on Cora's site HERE.

Silas is a laid back kinda guy that just got himself the wrong type of best friend. I am SUPER excited that we are getting to get some more of him in Cora's next book.

silas angry women

Now to meet our Girls:


Stella is a spitfire. I loved every bit of her com her attitude to her last second impulse decisions. she loves to have fun and is living her college life to the fullest.

force to be reckoned

I pull out my phone to text Carson, but I don’t know what to say. I want to tell him something that matters, something big, but the only thing that comes to mind are those three little words that we are so, so not ready for.

I tell Stella as much, and she pauses in unwrapping a piece of gum to say, “I’ve got three different words for you. Winning = BJ.”


She pops the gum in her mouth. “You said you wanted something big that matters. I think that qualifies.”

“You’re terrible. And no help whatsoever.”

“Speaking of big things...” Her slow-spreading smile reminds me for the thousandth time how different we are. “How big is it? You can tell me.”

Meet Dallas:

Dallas has spent her whole life surrounded by football and now that she is finally off the college she can't wait to be free. Well, that is until she finds out her father has taken the couching job at her college. Right back where she started. Dallas is passionate and dedicated. She has some things to work through and si desperate to live her own life. I truly loved her. Here is her teaser.



Last but not least is our leading man. Carson McClain.

Meet our Star:

Carson is the sweet and very dedicated all around good guy. You know those sweet southern boys you just melt over? Yep, that is Carson. Oh and did I mention is is the Quarterback? He is determined to secure his spot on the team and does the work needed for that. But what happens when a raven haired beauty catches his eye?


Here is a Caron Teaser:

I keep my eyes on my feet as he ask, "So, Daredevil, besides jumping off balconies, what other crazy things do you spend your time doing?"
"Hanging out in backyards with complete strangers, obviously."
His blue eyes are practically twinkling when he nudges my shoulder and says, "I've had my hands up your skirt, Daredevil. I think that qualifies me as an acquaintance at least."

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