Midnight Rain by Jettie Woodruff


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Oh Jettie, the things you do to me. I KNEW the moment that I finished Black Rain that there would be more. You wouldn't leave me hanging like that. It wasn't a terrible ending, but it left us on our toes. This novel delivered. It gave us the story that was teased with Black Rain. It gave us the answers that we truly hoped we were getting. Makayla, Blake and Pea were in for a wild ride with this book. In that same aspect, so were we. This novel was full of answers to the questions we have had brewing since the explosion of secrets in Black Rain. We ever got answers to the questions we didn't knew we had. This novel was all about facing the past in its many forms. We have demons from Makayla's past come to haunt us, the stories of Blake's past, and the threats that all couples face once life starts to change and move forward. This novel is full of spoilers. That being said, it doesn't make it easy to write up this review. I feel like everything I say is going to ruin something for you. But there are things in this novel that need to be talked about. I need to get it out somehow. Okay, so lets start with the back stories. This novel tells all. We get to see who Blake became the man we know now. The man that is still being put back together by Mikki. We get to know how it all got to this point, back to where this all began. We find out more about Makayla and how she grew up, about life that shaped her. The time she got to share with her mother. All of it. Every question you wanted to ask is answered. This novel will make you fall in love with these characters all over again. You fall for all Pea's little quirks and Mikki's uniqueness. We get to enjoy everything again and things you didn't even think we would get to have. Read it. You wont regret it.


Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can fall back together. Sometimes you have to lose in order to find. Sometimes you have to hurt before you can love. Sometimes one little soul ties is all you need to put it all together. You walked with Makayla through her story. You know where she came from and how she became the person she is. You laughed and fell in love with Pea. You watched the pain and sorrow of life, but you also watched a little girl blossom into a beautiful morning rose. You witnessed the love and connections between this little family, and learned first hand, how strong they really were. Midnight Rain picks up where Black Rain left off. What happens AFTER the happily ever after? Better yet; what happened before the story ever began? How did Blake grow into the man you met in Black Rain? What comes next for Mikki? Will true love prevail, or will the past haunt the future? Not only will you feel bumps left in Mikki's life, you'll also feel the ones Blake must hurdler in Midnight Rain