Mourning Inamorata by Nicki Scalise


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I adored getting to read this! This is one of those series that based on genre alone I wouldn't be likely to pick it up, but I am so glad that I got the chance to read it! Nicki Is such a great author and she shines in this novel with the glimpse into Drake's mind. You get to really see how utterly heartbroken Drake is and that alone gives you a peek into that dark exterior that we had yet to see behind. He is a broken man who will do all he can to protect those he loves. This novel is all about handling chaos when is comes up out of nowhere. Drake's life is Chaos from day one, but now how you may think. He is in ruins. He does day after day going crazy in his own head and dreams. Throw Katarina back into the mix and things went from hard to just bad. This is a story about finding peace after chaos. About freighting for what you love even if it doesn't benefit you in the end. Fight for those you care about. I love this series and really can't wait to hopefully read more from these characters. This novel is such a unique twist on paranormal. I feel as though it should be a genre of its own for how incomparable it is. Love it. Want more.


Drake Covington is a broken man. A moment of weakness has cost him the woman he loves. Without Olivia, his afterlife loses all meaning. That is until, months after their breakup, she leaves him a mysterious message foretelling danger on the horizon. The Silence is a realm of despair. Katarina Everette, Drake's ex-lover and Olivia's mortal enemy, was supposed to be locked away there forever, but now she's free and hell bent on revenge. Knowing that nobody he cares about will be safe from her wrath, Drake finds new purpose to his meaningless existence. Using their history against her, he'll take Katarina down from the inside. But she has other plans in mind — plans that force Drake to come face to face with an evil that terrifies him. Can he walk the razor's edge, pretending to carry out Katarina's scheme without losing himself? Or will he have to succumb to the darkness in order to protect those he holds most dear?