NEW REVIEW! The Similayer Project

I am a HUGE S.L. Dearing fan so I was totally down for this! I haven't read a novel like this in a LONG time. This is the stories of survivors and was a read that had me on my toes time after time. I love the way that these authors through such a mismatch group together, and made you fall in love with each and every one of them. The crazy moments that I didn't see coming, totally threw me for a loop. I went through all the emotions with this read. It truly was the stuff of a movie. The world is suffering from a virus and the people who don't die, are not what you think when they do survive. Can't wait for part 2!

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"The funny thing about fight-or-flight was that sometimes flight didn't cooperate when fight failed you. There was always freeze, but no one ever talked about freeze, because no one ever wanted to admit they weren't strong enough to fight and were too scared to flee."--Idaho survivor "She had killed two of those men and not shed a tear. Even as she replayed it in her head, she felt no remorse. No, it was more than that. She was glad... happy she had done it. She wasn't sure she knew who she was anymore."--California survivor. "If the human race was to survive, they'd have to dig deep and find the strength to take back their homes."--Florida survivor "She moved on to the bed to lay beside him and leaned in so their heads were touching and held on to him until his last breath. 'Be at peace, Dave, and keep a seat warm for me.'"--Massachusetts survivor. "Eric's voice was distant, as if water had filled her ears. The room was too stuffy, too small. Rising, she shook her head and turned, fleeing from the place she had lost Shawn."--Indiana survivor. A deadly virus born of good intentions ravages the planet, leaving humans on the bottom of the food chain as the infected mutate into creatures born of myth and nightmares. As the military sets out to gather the healthy inside the walls of a biolab located in the central United States, the fight for survival begins for anyone willing to step beyond the safety of their own front door. Follow five groups of survivors as they journey from California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, and Massachusetts in an epic adventure to find, not only what's left of their government, but their independence, true love, and the strength to survive in a world bent on breaking them.