Obstruction (The Potential Trilogy #2) by Peyton Sloane

Obstruction 3.5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Meg's Review:

I really enjoyed reading the second part of this trilogy from Peyton. I was on the fence with the first novel in this series, and I can happily say the author's writing and style definitely left me a happy reader with this one. As other reviewers have said Peyton seems to really read all of her reviews and grow from them, because she blossomed in this novel. I found it easier to read and really got hooked on the characters. We jump right in where we left off with Julian and Jazz. They still have their palpable chemistry, and the story is still a fantasy/reality for them. This is one of those novels that works with the highly relatable fantasy, because it is exactly that. The story takes us even deeper with J&J and I am very much looking forward to reading book three in the series. The steamy scenes in this novel are exactly that. Brace yourself because these scenes are H-O-T hot. Obstruction is a story all its own, I really enjoyed reading it.


When Julian St. Sauveur, described in Architectural Digest as the "Rock Star of the Architectural World" was seated beside the bohemian woman on his flight to Paris, he never would have conceived how events would unfold...how this young widow would capture his mind, heart and soul so quickly and completely. She was a force of nature and his equal in every way — passion, anger, joy and just plain silliness.

Jazzmyne Mickelson took off on a journey of self- exploration and was likewise thrown off balance by the beautiful and urbane man who sat beside her.

He is curious, inappropriate and completely proprietary...she is fascinated, responsively inappropriate and swept off her feet. She is naïve and overwhelmed, thrilled and frightened in his presence. He is thinking he has found his greatest desires.

Barely begun, and tenuously fresh, Jazz and Julian's relationship is tested by each other and the spectre of Julian's burgeoning fame which accosts them at every turn resulting in deceit and terror.

Will they find a way through the obstacles together and stronger or will they be torn apart, broken beyond repair?