Off Script by Anna Paige

I am so glad Anna deemed me cool enough to receive a copy of this! I love her words and this book was no different. Romance in the spotlight? YES PLEASE.

Kaiti and Gavin were fantastic. I loved Kaiti the BEST! The back and forth and angst between these two. even if not admitted, is perfection. I laughed as much as I swooned with this read. Kaiti is fun of life and spark and she is exactly what Gavin didn't know he needed. This was a celebrity read that didn't hit all the clichés but it hit things that I didn't know I needed. The novel was well paced for me, I like the faster romances for this type of a trope, and I loves the supporting characters too. All in all a solid read for me. Anna did fantastic and I look forward to reading more from her SOON!



I’ve watched him for years. Every role. Every episode. He was every woman’s fantasy. The famous actor. Gorgeous. Charming. Perfection. Unattainable. Until he showed up at my front door. Wanting something from me. Something I wasn’t sure I could ever give. It wasn’t safe outside my bubble. So, I let him inside instead. All the way in. And once he was there, I wanted to keep him. Even if that meant risking everything. My safety. My anonymity. Even my heart. He thought he knew how the story would play out. But I was taking our love off script.