Office Hate by Rachel Van Dyken

This book was laugh out loud funny. I didn't know how much I missed Max until we got him back in this book.

This was a fun book to just love for a night. It was a true Rom-Com and kept your attention. I loved the enemies to lover vibes and the plot itself was hilarious.

You can never fail with a RVD novel and her funny side shows in this read. I loved the fact that we got some emotional baggage with these two, but for the most part is was juts stubborn characters needing to be knocked into place to fall in love.

I loved that I didn't have to break down and figure this book out, it was just a perfect funny and sexy read that let me escape for a few hours.

This can be read as a complete standalone but does have a character appearance from another series that you will love if you love this. 

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken delivers a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with this hilarious, standalone new adult romance.

Have you ever hated someone so much that you actually wondered if prison would be worth it?
I have.
And I had to bear witness to Mark's cocky smile for four miserable years watching girl after girl tumble in and out of his bed while he had nothing but scorn for me.
After we graduated college and, thank God, finally parted ways, I thought that I was done having to deal with the enemy. And then I got fired, sending me careening right into a local bar—and Mark's bed.

My nightmare came true as we both soon realized that we would be fighting for the same job at Emory Enterprises.
We had to live together under the same roof, and as the challenges got weirder and weirder, we got closer and closer—united by the trauma that is CEO Max Emory.
When I signed up for this internship, I envisioned coffee runs, not gecko sitting—long story.
Soon one thing led to another, and somehow my enemy quickly turned into my best friend.

But what happens when the games are over? Furthermore, how do I tell the guy I used to hate that he owns my heart when I wasn't even aware I'd given it away?

Prison time or Mark?
A few days ago, I would have chosen prison.
Now? He's all I see.